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29 sep 2011

Okay, I am the biggest creep IN THE WORLD

07 mai 2011

Sometimes the situations I get myself into are just crazy!!!!


I spoke to my mom a couple days ago and we ironed out some stuff. looks as though I'm moving back to the NB (temporarily) on June 25th, with a date to move into the cities about a month later. I'm very excited! Legit


21 fév 2011

I want to move to Amsterdam so badly!!!

16 jan 2011

I can't deal with treacherous friends. I really cannot. This passive aggressive bullshit has to stop.

Y'all can "s" my "d"

No, not you. But people generally, yes.
I am almost totally moved into my new place! Just need a few more hours... which i have.
I also quit my job. Well, put in two weeks notice. I just couldn't take it anymore. Don't have a new one lined up yet but I'm not super worried... I will work it out.
So. That's basically it!

26 déc 2010

So... I think I'm moving back to Minneapolis when my lease expires...

Hunnnngry... I am so hunnnngry

New life goal: work on social retardation.
I see normalcy in the future. Hopefully not too much though.

05 juil 2010

My roommate and I adopted this feral kitten a couple weeks ago, and I'm fairly certain he's an evil genius. I know he is hiding somewhere in the kitchen because I've seen him run in and out of there a few times, but we peeked into every nook and cranny, even moved the refrigerator, and can't figure out where he goes. I wouldn't be surprised if he is planning on taking over the world. Not a stretch. Why does he still hate us sooooo much?! We were making progress but now I guess all that is out of the window.

In other news, I thought I would get to enjoy this lovely holiday of independence... Unfortunately work was actually busy so I stayed through close. At least I'm making the moneys!